Superstar Components Nano Flat Thru Pin Pedals

Superstar nano thru pin flat pedals

When asking for pedal advice I think 75% of the answers back suggested I tried Superstar Components. The Nano Flats seemed like a no brainer too, good price at sub £40, lots of great feedback from friends and they appear to win lots of magazine group tests.

The cynic in me occasionally doubts the 5 star or 10/10 review scores from brands that advertise heavily, but the recommendations from friends was enough for me to give the them a try. The only problem was going to be what colour! So I bought the Electric Blue ones and waited…

When you open the box the first thing that strikes you is the brilliant colour and finish. Picking them up they feel quality and sharp! Yes these are machined beautifully and the pins feel like they can’t wait to bite into your shoes.

After 6 months of use I can’t see why I would want to use any other pedal. Combined with a good pair of shoes (I currently have a pair of Teva Links and Five Ten Freeriders) the grip is fantastic. I was demonstrating to a friend a few weeks ago that I could lift my foot and the pedal was still stuck to my foot and I probably shouldn’t say this but I am yet to lose my grip and slip off these pedals with either set of shoes.

The technical details for those that are interested:
17mm at its thickest point
Platform size is 105x100x17mm LxWxD
Fully sealed cartridge bearings – Replaceable
Multi seal approach – Virtually maintenance free
Concave body
Replaceable thru bolts, easy to remove once worn from behind.
Titanium axle equipped: 435g

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