Autumn is almost here

Autumn is almost here

Its almost Autumn as we call it – not Fall. I am happy with and like the word Fall, but we call it Autumn and as this is my blog mostly about mountain biking I would like to avoid using the word Fall if I can help it! Its not something I like to associate with biking!

Fall or Autumn – What does this mean? Well it means some changes to your bike set up, lubes, tyres, cleaning, clothing etc Here’s a few things that I will be changing over the coming month or so.

Mud tyres – Last autumn/winter I barely rode my full sus bike so never changed the tyres and have been running wider rubber more suited to downhill and trail centres. My hardtail has Specialized Storm Control fitted and these worked really well to cut through the mud and wet. I have just bought some Maxxis Beavers for the Giant and will see how they work for me.

Lube – Time to start thinking about the wet lube now. As the mud and rain becomes more regular its important to have lube that is designed to operate and keep the chain moving freely in this sort of weather.

Cleaning – Wet lube and wet weather will mean a stricter cleaning routine of the bike, in particular the chain, cassette etc.

Clothing – Might sound obvious but wrapping up a little and getting some waterproofs on is a must. My SealSkinz gloves and socks will be out soon enough. Keeping the fingers and toes warm are top of my list! And a good base layer!

Do you have any tips or routines for winter riding?

6 thoughts on “Autumn is almost here

  1. Before you start the ride; connect up the garden hose. Then as soon as you return; remove the chain and hose down the bike IMMEDIATELY, even if you are soaked through and covered in mud (if you have waterproofs on them wash them down at the same time). It makes life so much easier.

  2. No tips from me. We don’t have winter where I live. Just a stinking hot humid summer and then a mild couple of months in the middle of the year. I am in awe of everyone who can ride through a proper winter.

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