September Ride Recce #1

September Ride Recce #1

As indicated yesterday, one reason for my ride yesterday was to recce part of my planned MB Swindon club ride for September.

Well I have definitely decided on a start place (a pub – which of course we will end up at the pub) and am convinced of the route for the first 6km of the ride. There will be 2 short steep climbs and probably 5km of the first 6 will be uphill. climbing around 230m or so.

That doesn’t sound like much but the two main climbs are pretty steep. I got a PB on one of them yesterday and got my fastest time on my full sus bike on the other. In fact after uploading the ride to Strava I am pretty pleased with last nights stats.

Those two climbs need to become easy for me if I am to be in a position to help talk people up them in September. I think I have just found my work out and will need to go ride those climbs a few times over the next two months.

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