2 climbs and 2 punctures


I nearly didn’t go out tonight. It was absolutely chucking it down just as I got changed and got my bike out. I waited for it to pass and decided I’d go.

The idea tonight was to check out the descent I rode last week and see how it ran in the wet. It was slippery to say the least but still rideable. This means it will be included in my club ride in September.

I also wanted to do the two steep climbs that will be included at the start the ride. As the ride leader I need to be able to do these reasonably comfortably. While they are quite steep they aren’t too long, just enough to challenge most riders.

I cut my ride short after having 2 punctures in quick succession. The first used my spare tube and the second a patch or 2… Or I thought so. I just couldn’t find the puncture, maybe it was the valve, so I had to limp home and top up my front wheel every 10 mins.

So a ride of 2 climbs, 2 (or 3 punctures) and 2 pictures… The dark skies were contrasted with the golden fields as the sun was getting low in the sky and though I got wet and muddy for the first time on a ride for about 2 months, it was still worth while getting out tonight.

2 thoughts on “2 climbs and 2 punctures

  1. Love the new blog layout. And the photos are great. Urgh on the punctures front. I know that feeling. I had 4 in my first 6 rides of Cycling for Hope. And then I bought new tyres and got a puncture my first two rides with them too. So I feel for you getting 2 or 3 in a single ride.

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