Eating A Sandwich Was An Effort

My piece I wrote for Dog Tag Adventures – the Dog Tag Insurance blog – is live now!

Here’s a snippet:

The location, the company and the encouragement from our guides spurred me on though I barely had the energy to bite into my sandwich at lunch I made it through the first climb of the week and then set about enjoying the second half of the day, which was all downhill! A few days of this and while I still struggled with the climbs compared to some of my fitter riding companions, I began to, well, get on with it. Pushing the thoughts of how much further? How far have we come? When do we stop? To the back of my mind I focussed on pedalling and breathing. It hit me that while I was tiring, I could still pedal, my legs would work and if I just concentrated I would make it.

And go here for the full article:

Oh and in case you are wondering Dog Tag provides insurance for travellers and sports fans as they navigate the world on search of adventure and you get a really cool dog tag with your policy number on!


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