Sausage Stalls and Bacon Rolls


Had a great ride tonight with Kristian around Furze Knoll and Roundway. Roundway is a historic location where Oliver Cromwell fought in the Battle of Roundway!

We didn’t have a battle we simply climbed a few short hills and went down a few others.

We have had an awful week of rain since last Saturday and it was such a pleasure to be out in warm evening sunshine under blue skies.

We found a great little descent and I think I have the makings of a challenging and stimulating ride for MB Swindon in September.


That’s it now as far as bike riding is concerned until next week. My wife is going away for the weekend and leaving me with the kids.

Hopefully the weather will be nice and we will get out for some fresh air and a walk somewhere.

Hope you enjoy the pics from today.

Oh and the title of this post, just some joking today. These are two new mountain bike manoeuvres that you have to learn!

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