Fox Talbot Museum and Lacock Abbey

20130727-204312.jpgWe went to Lacock Abbey and the Fox Talbot museum today.

Having joined the National Trust earlier this year it was time we got some more use out of our membership so we went to the local tourist attraction that draws 1000s of visitors every year – except for us!

It was kinda fun. I like looking and old stuff and taking photos occasionally, though I didn’t take a camera today and had to make do with the phone. The kids enjoy looking around old buildings like this – marvelling at how people used to live and wondering where the TV is!

Obviously they filmed parts of Harry Potter here it was fun to see some of the locations.

As you can see the kids enjoyed dressing up a little too.

It’s now spent the rest of the afternoon chucking down with rain, which has its good and bad points. Good because my wife has decided not to do the car boot sale tomorrow morning which means I can get out for a bike ride. Bad because it’s going to be muddy and greasy… I shouldn’t moan as that’s usually par for the course in the uk, but we have been spoilt this last month with such dry weather and sunshine.

I am sure I’ll cope though!

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