Fat Bike and Solo Filming

I love this video, i want to ride this trail and I even think I want one of these fat bikes!

It’s gonna take some organising for me to arrange a trip to ride the North Shore in Vancouver anytime soon, but this trail looks awesome. If anyone knows of a trail like this in the UK please let me know…

The fat bike looks fun too. A bit like riding a hard tail but with some softer tyres. Can’t see me ever really buying one, but a run down some of South Wales twisty trails would be fun.

And here’s another reason I like this video. I can totally appreciate the work gone into the filming, my videos are all done by me alone and the work involved in setting up shots and then running off and riding past, followed by a run back to collect the camera again is exhausting and time consuming. I would bet this video took hours to make, getting the framing right is so important or retaking a single shot could take 15-20 minutes….

I need to make a video again soon.

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