And so it rains


The photo has no bearing on the title of this blog post I just thought I’d grab a still from yesterday’s little video.

Anyway it’s raining. Thunder, lightening and big splodges of wet stuff. We needed it, the gardens needed it and now can it go away please…

Yes empty the skies of all that heavy pressure and stuff, but bring back the sun please!

I got home from work and did a quick 10 miles or so on the bike just in case this weather decides its gonna linger for a few days. A nice little urban pedal for an hour or so. Managed to get my best time on a short little climb that I use and I got a King Of the Mountain on a cheeky little track called The Rat Run pt 2 on Strava.

After the ride and the quick shower it was so warm I couldn’t stop sweating for about an hour!

Now to try and sleep, a very busy day at work tomorrow.

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