Duck Smart


Duck Smart is probably not your usual bike cleaning brand. It might be, but i hadn’t heard of it until a week or two ago. Until MB Swindon gave me some samples to review.

I received a large bottle of Earth Mover (exactly what it says) and a slightly smaller bottle of Smart n Eeze polisher.

Firstly they smell great… I can’t put my finger on the smell but all I can say is keep the lid on and don’t drink it, no matter how much you want to…

First things first, time to get the bike dirty. This is usually easy, but the unusually er Summer-like weather has meant beautiful dry trails and no mud. So an early morning ride though long dew soaked grass and loose dusty trails was all I could manage. I found a stream, some more dust and more dry dirt. Meh the bike was dirty.

I spent the day at work and let it dry on, and then at the end of the day I rode home and tried to do it all again. It wasn’t muddy but it was dirty, so time to see what the Duck Smart stuff could do.


Earth Mover goes on in a foamy consistency and seems to go a long way. Then usual instructions apply here, wet the bike first, spray on the cleaning fluid (Duck Smart), leave a few mins and rinse and scrub.

It’s not complicated and Earth Mover doesn’t disappoint. The foam soaked into the cassette and other fiddley little bits and once scrubbed and rinsed they came up a treat!


I was really pleased with the end result and to finish off I used the Smart n Eeze to give the bike a polish. This is not an aerosol or a spray it’s actually quite runny – maybe the nozzle on the bottle was broke. So as not to waste any I squirted on a rag to apply to the frame.

I had every intention of doing the decent thing and maybe sharing the Duck Smart products with some other MB Swindon club members.

I’m not now, I’m gonna keep it and maybe when it runs out get some more…

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