Birdlip Loop


Starting at the car park and view point at Birdlip, I set off on a 29k route that I had chosen yesterday in Tom Fenton’s 20 Classic Rides, Cotswolds Mountain Biking. Straight from the car park I made a diversion – the route in the book headed off along the road. I went straight for the Cotswold way and aimed for Whitcombe Wood.

There were many trails to follow but I stuck withe the obvious route and only deviated a little to do some drops and session a few little obstacles. This was a great start, though I soon realised that all the fun I was having going down would mean a climb at some point to get back up to the road.


Following the route in the book wasn’t difficult as there are directions and an OS map. However with a few junctions and trail choices to be made I found myself referring to the book more than I would have liked. This meant delays and me running out of the time I had set aside for this ride.

My plan was to do the 29k plus another 2 and take my Dirt Search total to 100k for the month. I have now fallen 11k short of the target as I only managed 20k of this ride. Still it was a sweet 20k!


The trails were dusty and dry, and although a tad overgrown in places it was great fun to tear along some new dirt. Stopping to check I was taking the right track from time to time was the only frustration.


With 20k ridden and 400m climbed this was a rewarding ride, all the more so as it was a new location and the sun was shining… I hit 40mph on a pretty steep road descent and I hope you will agree got some ok photos too.

Here’s the route for those that are interested.


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