Cotswolds Mountain Biking, by Tom Fenton


This month I am on the Dirt Search. No that’s not some euphemism or something, it’s a Strava Challenge for July to ride new places you haven’t ridden before.

I am currently on 69km and aiming for 250km. I am not sure how it calculates it but 69km of trails with new segments in ok. I think with a ride tomorrow, a short ride Saturday, and a big one on Sunday I will be at 200 by the end of the week. I may even ride to work on Friday again.

Anyhow, I have a meeting in Cheltenham tomorrow afternoon and rather than driving home when done, I am going to take my bike and this book by Tom Fenton. I have ridden along some of the trails in this book, most recently with MB Swindon on Gary’s Great Descents, but tomorrow I am going to do something new.

My plan is to start at the beautiful view point at Birdlip and do a bit of the Cotswold Way.

But that’s tomorrow. This evening I have been to our pool league AGM. Is in doors and not as exciting as mountain biking, but it is good fun and the season starts again on the 9th Sept.

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