Its North Tim, but not as we know it


What did I learn today? Well I learnt that I almost know how to read a map and navigate by a compass.

Reading a map is kinda easy, navigating and giving proper grid references is not tricky but just something that you need to take care over.

I learnt that maps go out of date because magnetic North moves and each map has a magnetic North fudge factor.

True North doesn’t move and neither does the North on your map (Grid North), unless you hold it upside down. Also that the North on your GPS device or your phone may be none of the above.

So, like I said above, when navigating by OS Map you should take extra care because the further North you go, the further away from actually going North you will go…

Have you got that now? And no one said what you have to do if you have lost your compass – which I have!

Update: I found my compass

2 thoughts on “Its North Tim, but not as we know it

  1. And for night riders there is astronomical north. I was shocked when I found out that Polaris (like other stars) moves in a circle and is not exactly north either – on average 1deg out.

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