Fitter, Stronger and Confident

Fitter, Stronger and Confident

Yesterday was such a great day out. Good company, a few beers, pub lunch, friendly banter, sunshine and mountain bikes.

Club rides like this are the best. We rode around all day in a new location (for 90% of us), there was plenty of fun to be had (hopefully some video evidence shortly to back that up) and for me, for the first time I didn’t feel like I was struggling.

Yes there were some big climbs and some we had to push up, but on the whole my Bike Village week has given me a new lease of MTB life.

Not sure if I was fitter (certainly must be), but I think it was mainly the mental side of things. I knew I could ride all day and climb 1000m as I had done it for 6 consecutive days 2 weeks ago.

I got back on the bike on some struggling sections to see if I could indeed climb and I could. I even joined some of the others on a bit of a hill climb challenge. I wouldn’t even have thought about this a month ago!

I must now get on with writing the ride report for the MB Swindon website…

4 thoughts on “Fitter, Stronger and Confident

  1. Good on ya Tim it was a great day if not a little tiring, Anthony is always an inspiration to me going up and down hill like a young un, gets rid of any excuses that I might have. Thanks for doing the ride report if there is anything I can do with that please let me know

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