Incest and electric bikes


This quote was one of my favourite moments from today’s ride which featured just short of 1000m of climbing over 25 miles over riding.

A ride that took in two pubs (one of which was at the end so its ok), saw us take in some amazing views across the Cotswolds and to South Wales and resulted in a few comedy moments including me falling 3 feet down a badger hole!

Gary’s Great Descents (the name given MB Swindon to this ride) was for me like a return to Bike Village, a big ride, out all day, on new terrain, some pretty steep and sketchy..

I need to do a proper ride report for the MB Swindon website but before I go and give that some thought I’d better explain the quote…

Its pretty simple. One of our 15 riders today was expressing his opinion about electric bikes used for uplifts and told us of the other thing that really annoys him too.

The picture is of the Nibley monument.

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