What’s in a name?

I have been giving some thought to this recently – not much just a little…

But naming a Strava Segment or MTB trail needs some thought. OK the Strava Segment maybe not so much, but then again being the quickest up “Cheryl Coles Passage” might be something to brag about and make a segment KOM a bit more fun.

So if you have decided to give a name to segment give it some thought and make it fun – not just “road to gate climb”…

Naming trails is bigger challenge. Putting it out to a public vote like some trail centres do can cause controversy and only stupid names will be submitted. Having a trail inspired by an event or something you found on that trail gives it some sort of heritage and meaning.

I like names The Wall and Raven – they invoke thoughts of a steep climb or a dark swooping trail. In short they work and lets face it, sound cool!

Here’s a segment from some stuff I have been writing sort of around the topic:

Throughout the week we rode trails and tracks that have been discovered, dug, designed and linked together by Sam and his Bike Village guides over the last 10 years. This is no bike park, there are no berms and there are very few chicken runs. Dead Yaffile, Laundry Day and Grow Bag are but a few of the imaginative names given by the team to the amazing technical single track descents we rode throughout the week. Some were yet to be christened – they were waiting for a defining event so they could be named after the individual involved. We had no intentions of being immortalised on one of the Bike Village tee shirts as a trail!

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