Local Rides Rule


Yes I loved my week in France, yes I enjoy a trail centre or two and yes I love riding new places that others introduce me to. This Saturday for instance I will be going on a 24mile, 900m ride (distance, climb) recced and lead by fellow a MB Swindon rider. I am sure I will cover this at the weekend.

But really truly is there anything more satisfying than leaving your house on your bike going on an awesome ride and returning home again?

No travel required, meaning no fuel or parking costs.
No planning required.
All the creature comforts you could hope for when you get home.
You can ride it again tomorrow.

Just a few of the benefits of a local ride. If you have been reading recently you will know that I am warming to Strava; repeating local routes and measuring the results with Strava mean you can race yourself and others, check you performance and improve your fitness. A segment search in your area may also uncover some hidden trails.

This year I have been getting to know my local trails and hills better and realise that while I may have no mountains to speak of, I still have plenty of hills that I can link up and create an interesting climb with some fun dotted about.

I rode some of the more off piste sections with another friend from MB Swindon this evening. Would love to this as a club ride, but off piste in his instance means not technically allowed to ride there. Shame…

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