There I was just minding my own business…


Tonight was my first ride since my trip to France and I had a plan. I was going to blast up a couple of local (very small) hills and rip down my favourite descent.

Well as it happened my first bridleway climb was a mess cos it was muddy and I could barely get any traction, and my legs had had two days off and felt stiff from sitting at my desk all day.

I was suddenly a little deflated. Then a heart warming moment occurred as I met a young badger on the trail. I got off the bike and quietly crouched down hoping he wouldn’t see me. He did and came over to say hi, not in the slightest bit scared!

The temptation to stroke wild animals is strong, but I dare say this little guy had fleas and a bite would probably have required a visit to the hospital.

This little brush with nature spurred me on and I powered on up my next short climb quicker than I had done before.

A “natural break” at the top and then a quick ride to get a PB on my favourite local descent.

Its not all bad being back in the UK.

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