Final Day with Bike Village


I didn’t post to the blog yesterday. Sorry but I was having too much of a good time… Details and photos to come over the next week or so.

We split into two groups today and eventually met in a small cafe in Italy. An 8k road ride from La Rosiere ski resort at 1850m up to the
Col du St Bernard (Little St Bernard Pass) at 2188m on the France-Italy border.

The world famous St Bernard breed of dog that takes its name from this region and the chapel nestling in the col. Hannibal is thought to have marched his elephants through this area on his passage through the Alps.

We then spent the entire afternoon descending all the way into Bourg St Maurice through the best all mountain terrain imaginable.

Riding by the seat of your pants down some of the steepest terrain and loosest surfaces yet. Then into some man made but very rugged trails and eventually picking of the St Germain trail we rode earlier in the week…

Finally after a spin along the valley floor through parks and via a cycle path we stopped for some beer, then back to Bike Village to pack bikes away ready for the trip home today.

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