I just did this…

And now I have France mapped on my Garmin 800…

A guide to getting OSM maps onto the 800.

The Open Street Maps (OSM) are much better than the City Navigator ones. They include all the national cycleways and quite a lot of other paths, not all surfaced. If you want to use the unsurfaced ones just set avoidance to No (see screenshots in main article).

  • Open http://garmin.openstreetmap.nl/
  • Click Routable Bicycle.
  • Choose a predefined country (or create your own selection). For the UK click the Europe drop down and select United Kingdom from the list.
  • Download the map directly (if you selected a predefined country) or request your map by entering your email address and clicking Build my map (if you created your own selection); You will be sent an email after the map has been built by the servers.
  • You now have links to several options for your map. You need to select the gmapsupp.zip one and download/save it to your computer.
  • Unzip this to get the file gmapsupp.IMG. You can rename this file to UKMap.IMG or anything else you will recognise. You can now delete the gmapsupp.zip file if you wish.
  • Put a blank microSD card into the 800. I use a 4GB one which has plenty of room.
  • Connect the 800 to the computer. It should auto open both the 800 and the card. Select Open folder to view files on the card.
  • Create a new folder on the empty card called Garmin.
  • Copy and paste the .IMG map file into the Garmin folder.
  • Safely remove the 800 from the computer and switch on. It will create other files in the Garmin folder and add the map to the 800. You should see it at the loading maps stage.
  • Go to Menu (spanner) >system > map > map info, select map. Enable the new map. Only enable the base map and the map you want to use. Disable all others.

If you want more maps the process is the same except you will need to rename the gmappsupp.IMG file to something unique before copying it into the Garmin folder.

Found the info here

Thanks Rafe for the pointers

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