Do it yourself

The title sums up many activities i have been doing today (no not that one, mind out of gutter please).

A few chores around the house, fixing the garden shed, helping the wife with some planting and shifting big pots around, taking down and painting a door…

Also I have sewn on my own patch on my hydro pack today. My Dakine Drafter now has a Welsh flag on it.

Finally I have just been out for a short ride in the evening sun (pics tomorrow) and above you will see an example of one of the “trail tripods” I made this evening to take some pics…

Time to have a quick shower and a cuppa.


2 thoughts on “Do it yourself

  1. Sounds like a productive day šŸ™‚ It’s interesting (not in a bad way) how the Welsh, like the Canadians, can be seen sporting patches of their flag on their backpacks. I’m sure other nationalities do it too, but it is particularly striking to me (an Australian) that it’s frequently the Welsh and Canadian flags that I see (e.g. I rarely see an American or British flag sewn on a backpack).

    1. I agree. The reason: when we travel we get called American and English. If the rest of the world didn’t insist on calling most of us Welsh, English then you might see less flags.

      I can’t speak for the Canadians but us Welsh are a very proud nation and want to fly the flag wherever we go.

      Interestingly though, I say we see more Aussie flags than Kiwi, and they are more likely to want to be recognised as their own nationality, very similar to Wales.

      I loved my visit to Australia about 16 years ago. Would live to go back and take my kids on a long holiday…

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