Shelter from the Storm


Nothing was going to stop me going for a ride this evening, but luckily it was nice, the sun was shining and as I was on my first climb of the evening I was thinking of stripping my top layer at the top.


However, at the top of my first climb it started to spit with a bit of rain. I realised rapidly that there was a huge cloud coming my way and the rain was about to dump on me.


With the rain we have had this week it didn’t take long for the trail to get very slippery indeed, and yours truly didn’t have mud tyres on! I had to push and shortly the back wheel stopped going round altogether. Mud clearance on my bike isn’t great and as you can see it was clogged good and proper.


Within minutes the rain got heavy, seriously heavy and it was time to find shelter. Was not prepared with a water proof of any description and I was soaked through instantly.

Still I got out for a few miles and by the time I got home thankfully the sun came out and I could clean the bike properly in the sun!

Better luck tomorrow…

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