1 week later


Sorry if you are getting bored of this but we have searched everywhere, now dropped leaflets in every house in the village and called every vet, refuse collection and road kill related council department and there is still no sign of our little Bella.

We LOVE our cats and though we have only had Bella for 7 months she has become the biggest personality in our house. She begs in the kitchen, make a nuisance of herself in every wardrobe and cupboard, she loves to tear cardboard boxes to shreds and annoying Buster our 3 year old Tom cat.

Buster is special to us and the kids in particular as he is their first family pet along with his brother Jerry. Jerry was killed about 18 months ago on a road near us. It took us a year to ‘replace’ him and when we got Bella we were concerned about Buster’s reaction.

They learnt to tolerate each other and I think there is a bond of some sort. He seems to be extra clingy right now and I think has noticed she has disappeared.

I love Buster, but don’t tell my wife, Bella is/was my favourite. She has such a cheeky character and always makes me smile.

I miss her so much, and the not knowing where she is and what has happened is sickening.

No more speculative missing cat related posts unless we have a sighting or she turns up.

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