No turning back


I mentioned yesterday that I was still on the hunt for new obstacles when out riding my local routes. Well yesterday I found one that was in plain view but I never considered it was rideable.

Having the full sus bike back meant I was looking to hit some of the new stuff I had found recently while out on my 29er. This was all good, I even revisited my old nemesis – a steep rooty drop between some trees. I am still yet to try this on my 29er though theory says it should cope with it fine.

Anyway the new drop, is a bunch of roots on a side of banking right next to the tree the roots belong too. If you look at the picture you will see its not too steep but it is really rooty. Definitely no front braking here!

I took a short run up – unfortunately due to the surrounding terrain a long run up isn’t possible – and hit it. Lifting the front wheel just a bit so it didn’t catch I dropped in found the run out to have more roots and loose leaves and twigs. I could feel myself breathing harder and I had a few more goes to make sure I had the technique right.

As usual the picture doesn’t always do an obstacle the justice it deserves, but I can assure you this steeper than the picture makes it look! When tackling this my front wheel was coming up somewhere near where the rear wheel is in the picture and landing somewhere off to the left.

With some confidence I was soon flying over the new obstacle and adding one more to the list for an upcoming ride I am leading.

This little wood has the potential for some filming so I plan to take the cameras up there soon and make a little edit out of the roots and drops and little jumps.


The title of the blog post is referring to the fact that once committed you had to do this. The roots mean that braking is not an option…

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