And then there were two


Giant Trance is back in the house (ok shed) after having a belt n braces service at Bertie Maffoons.

New bottom bracket, headset bearings, cassette, chain, and a full shock and fork service.

Strange thing is I haven’t missed it as much as I thought. I have really grown to love riding the Rockhopper, for 2 reasons:

1. It’s designed for my local terrain.

2. I took the SPDs off.

The larger wheels and different geometry was change enough, adding SPDs from the off was a mistake. Since riding with flats I have really learnt to love riding the bike and my confidence on even the technical features on my local trails has grown hugely.

Maybe it’s time to change them back and try again now I have learnt to ride the 29er. But for now the Tance needs to have ride to check out the new components and for me decide once and for all on tyres for my French trip next month.

5 thoughts on “And then there were two

  1. Have to say I don’t miss SPD’s after dropping them last year. I seem to relax more with flats although it’s the confidence when in mid air I need to build as I did like being stuck to the bike when jumping off drops.

      1. If I was to have a XC dedicated bike I would have SPD’s on it for sure. That’s the next plan. A second MTB bike and a road bike as well for training.

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