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I managed a quick hour out this evening and rode up to the Lansdowne Monument. It’s a good climb up a chalky path which was pretty slippery tonight after some rain.

My intention was to do a quick loop, but a brief recce of the hill top, which is an old fort, resulted in discovering a new run.

I often approach the monument from one of two directions and have never really explored the rest of the fort site on the bike. Well it was worth it.

This photo doesn’t do this spot justice. The approach is a nice bit of natural trail and I normally go straight on, but this provides the option to drop down a little and have short blast before pedalling back to the summit.

There are also 2 choices here, the obvious straight down and around in the channel/ditch and also a little rabbit run type trail around the side – by the tree…

I will take the gopro up there next time and get a video as this was loads of fun.

Going to add this little run to my MB Swindon ride in June.

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