It was a miracle


Mondays are pretty dull so I am going to just recall the events of yesterday’s bike ride.

Oh wait, there weren’t any events! Can this be true?

There were 18 of us which means there were 36 wheels and not one of them had a puncture, no one broke a mech hanger, no one had an off. Well there was one! But there was no major incident to report, no major faffing, no rain, no huge puddles, no punctures and well frankly it was pretty ordinary.

That’s unfair – it wasn’t a dull ride it was just incident free. This concerns me as 15 miles times 18 riders is 270 miles – karma is out there waiting for one of us…

Oh the off… Here it is, Richard caught a pedal in a rut and caught the whole thing on his helmet mounted GoPro. Photo courtesy of Richard Ford.


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