North Wiltshire with MB Swindon

North Wiltshire with MB Swindon

The toilets were nice!

At our mid ride break for coffee and cakes at the Divine Cafe in Cherhill, everyone that used “the facilities” commented on how nice they were. Apparently it looked like someones bathroom at home… If my memory serves me correctly it does have some lovely soap and pretty tiles!

Now onto much more manly stuff.

This ride was very much the same as one we did in August last year, though the weather was about 20C warmer that day. While it wasn’t exactly warm, it was perfect riding temerature – not too cold, but cool enough to keep you moving without over heating yourself. And it didn’t rain until the very end and we all returned to the carpark.

MTB SaddlesThe official route starting point was a picnic site, though a few locals, and one nutter, decided to ride to the start – the price we paid to get more exercise and not use our cars was to get wet on the way home while the rest were in the dry of thier cars!

Climb up to the monument

18 of us rode for about 15 miles (20 with the home start for me) and climbed around 450m. Not huge in terms of distance or elevation but none the less a good ride with some great company. We had some fun detours where the more adventurous / stupid rode some obstacles and drops – the usual show of bravdo!

My ride climb was a total of 561m today – that’s not bad for around here, and over a distance of 19.4 miles. On two of the descents my GPS recorded a top speed of 25 and 25.9 mph, while on the road section home I did a little over 34 mph into the rain!

All together a good ride and I got some use out of my TZ-30 Lumix today…

Some additional pics on my Facebook page.

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