I shouldn’t say this, but…

You know when you are out on a ride and someone says “we’ve been lucky with the weather” or “its amazing, nobody has had a puncture yet”, there is usually a groan or hurled abuse because you might as well have turned a hose on or stuck in nail in someone’s tyre. Yes the dreaded kiss of death!


In these circumstances it’s best just to stay quiet. If it rains at any point during the rest of your ride, you will be blamed for the down pour by tempting fate. And no punctures? Don’t be silly, only now it will be your fault.

It’s all a coincidence of course, there is no possible way that your off hand remark about the lack of precipitation could possibly have resulted in rain, or that you have somehow cast a spell on your fellow riders inner tube.

This last week we have all been talking about summer tyres, short sleeves, high temperatures, dry trails and minimal bike washing required… And guess what? It’s raining…

There are other more positive coincidences related to the above subjects. Maybe I will buy another spare inner tube, you never know! Low and behold 3 punctures on the following ride. I really should buy a spare rear mech hangar… Bingo yours breaks 10 miles from the car. These could be considered some sort of divine intervention, but really it’s just another coincidence but this time luckily you were prepared.

The phenomenon is not isolated to mountain biking – clean your car and a bird will crap on it, clean the laminate floor and the cats will come in with muddy paws, your colleagues brag about having the roof down on their convertible cars – it will rain for 3 days straight… Now this is their fault and you should let them know!

Today’s post is brought to you by the letter R, number 9 and Andrew Weaver for giving me the idea to write this one today.

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