One month from today

photo courtesy of Bike Village Website

On the 8th of June I will be loading my bike onto a plane for the first time, and heading off on my second visit to France. Me and my MTB friends from Wales will be staying with Bike Village. We will spend a week in a French farmhouse by Les Arcs enjoying home-cooked and home-grown food.

We will be riding our bikes too! Sam has been riding this region of the Alps for more than 10 years and they have miles and miles of awesome singletrack that will entice us back again for more, I am sure.

Can’t wait!

And it’s not just the trails that set us apart from other mountain biking outfits. Along with our passion for the riding comes our dedication to tailoring the experience to each rider. We only take up to 12 guests a week. There are two or three different rides each day and just incase one of these doesn’t appeal (it will!) we also have a little ‘ride library’ of self-guided rides you can choose from. Each day we’ll talk through your options with you and help you pick the best trail for that day. It might involve a free uplift or a helping chairlift. The idea is that you’ll always be doing the sort of riding you love best at the sort of pace you love best, even when the group as a whole has differing aspirations on these fronts. All this really helps mixed groups and mixed couples to share lots of fun together whilst also fulfilling more selfish ride needs!

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