Recce Ride Surprise


Went for a recce this evening of the ride I am leading for MB Swindon in June. I had a few reasons for doing the ride, the main one was I was home from work at a good time and the sun was shining so what else was I gonna do?

Familiarity with the route is important for timing and safety purposes and also finding alternative routes in case of flooding, forestry or farming work or simply to extend or short cut the ride in the interest of timing.

We ride bikes all the time and its nice to ride different places. I think the role of a ride leader is to show the riders some fun bits too because even if you are in a new location a bridle way is a bridle way and a hill is very much like any other hill. So I went on the hunt for some extra fun bits.

Fun bits result in photo opportunities and displays of bravado and the chance to show off some skills – so I need to make sure I can ride every obstacle or drop that I present the riders.

Tonight I found a little diversion with a really steep drop into what looks like a bomb or sink hole. It has been ridden by some quad bikes by the looks of it. Any way enough of my waffle, here are some pics.


This isn’t the bomb hole, but another little drop with a twist just off the rock garden.


This shot gives you some idea of how steep it is.


I stood at the top of this for a few minutes before riding around some lower drops, taking the pictures and then just going for it.

It was pretty exciting to be honest. The hole is very steep and bottom is quite short so you are back out of it very quickly.

I was also pleased that I did this on my 29er…



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