Painting and Punctures


What a beautiful day!

Unfortunately I spent most of it indoors painting my lounge. This project is turning out to be the longest ever! Due to work commitments and lack of natural light in the evenings, I haven’t been able to get any painting done throughout the week.

So today was spent sanding, painting and more painting.

However in between coats I have been tinkering with my bikes. Cleaning them mostly… I also dug out some tubes and fixed the punctures in them.

I did manage to get out for an hour on the bike just before the sun went down, just a short 7 mile loop.

Had a bit of fun and saw some deer, a fox, couple of hares, a barn owl and a bunch of rabbits..

Took an alternative descent from the rock garden which had a few surprises including a couple of jumps. Definitely going that way again as they caught me by surprise and I’d like to hit them again.

I had the gopro running so I will put a video up sooner or later.

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