Some days not a lot happens

This blog thing was my New Year resolution in the hope that if I committed to writing about riding and stuff daily I would ride more. It’s kinda working.

This week is going to be difficult as we have some building and decorating work going on.

Fingers crossed I can keep on top of that and the blogging.

That is all for today… Sorry but some days not a lot happens.


One thought on “Some days not a lot happens

  1. I know how that feels. There have been weeks where I really couldn’t ride for some reason or another and without being able to ride, it’s tough to write. I consider riding my writing fuel.

    Anyways, to combat having my blog just be static on those weeks that I can’t ride – i write down possible topics for posts in advance, like 3 to 4 ideas. I just try to expound on those ideas or topics when I’m just at home and sitting on the couch. 😀

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