Have you been bitten?


Have you bitten by the mountain bike? I have as you probably know.

My good friend James asked me to write about my experience of getting into mountain biking and said he would put it on BikeMagic. So I did and he did!

Bitten by the Bug – BikeMagic.com

I am sure that many cyclists and mountain bikers have the same story. I hope you like my account…

8 thoughts on “Have you been bitten?

  1. A familiar story…. Worse though when you also get bitten by other disciplines such as road riding.

    At least (or a good job that) I don’t have to fund kids too.

    1. Thanks. I have been struggling to think of what to write in this first year of daily blogging (2014 will be weekly!).

      Set my target for a post or a photo everyday and I’m getting there but sometimes its a bit desperate.

      So When someone asked me to write ‘my story’ so to speak it was a no brainer!

  2. Fantastic article. I can totally relate. While my bugs are adventure racing and Audax cycling, the only difference is that I “need” gear for multiple sports in addition to MTB. Though I suspect that with my new bike I’m going to get the MTB bug even more too 🙂

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