Crazy Cold Commute

Specialized Rockhopper Comp 29erToday didn’t work out like it was supposed to.

Yesterday while driving home from work I had my sunglasses on and turned the heater down in the car. On Tuesday evening I rode in just a pair of shorts and 2 top layers. It was looking good for my first commute of the Spring. But today Winter has returned – in some style too…

I set the alarm for an early start and jumped out of bed and got my bike gear on. Had some breakfast, put on my shoes, gloves and generally wrapped up warmer for what looked like a cold morning.

It was cold, -2 C to be precise and the wind was blowing. I rode my Rockhopper and my SPDs which I haven’t ridden for a few weeks. It felt surprisingly tough – I think this is a combination of the cold start, maybe the mud tyres providing some extra rolling resistance but mostly me not being a morning rider!

My first challenge was my new favourite spot – the Rock Garden. I couldn’t ride over this as smoothly as I can on my Trance. The full sus is so much better at adjusting to the shape of this technical  climb – being able to shift my weight and the bike’s weight about is very important in situations like this.

I tried a new diversion around Jugglers Lane – part of my recce for the MB Swindon ride in June. This removes a climb from the ride, but its an interesting little route with one or two additional drops and features for the riders to have a play on.

Specialized Rockhopper Comp 29erAnyway, back to my commute…

18 mph head wind according to the Met Office! What’s all that about? I checked this out when I got to the office as I found it so tough in places to even ride down some of the gentle descents without having to pedal!  According to some website I googled that head wind turned a -2C into -9C with wind chill factor! Brrr!!!

So I got to the office a little later than planned and with some cold fingers and toes and I won’t deny that the thought of riding home later wasn’t as appealing as it was looking 24 hours before.  I sit here now typing this (during my lunch break of course) and you know what – its snowing!!!

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