Responsibilities of leading a ride

Responsibilities of leading a ride

My little local ride last night is the main part of the MB Swindon ride I will be leading in June. As I indicated yesterday, one reason for riding was to ensure I will be fit for the loop, another reason is to make sure the loop is fit for the club.

MB Swindon has a ride leaders guide designed to help those leading a ride abide by some basic rules including the countryside code, knowing rights of way etc. The club’s reputation depends on a number of factors and my ability to define and lead a safe, legal ride is important. So I am taking this seriously.

My responsibility starts with a duty of care towards the riders and I must ensure as far as reasonably practicable that they are safe during the ride. So I have to perform a kind of safety assessment of the ride and be aware of the features and obstacles that we will come across.

The route is very predicatble but if we have a wet period the rock garden will be tricky (not impossible) to climb and this and the monument descent will be slippery!

I need to make sure we are riding where we are allowed to ride and that the route has been described accurately so as to attract the right riders. I don’t want people being disappointed!

Expect some more updates and photos on this route as I use it for fitness training and as I recce it a few more times!

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