MB Swindon Gravity Team

MB Swindon have 2 sponsored teams competing in national events this year. The first team I am going to mention is the Gravity Team.

Gravity Enduro events are kind of new and combine the fitness of cross country riding and the technique of downhill racing. There are various types of event and each one has a mix of timed (usually the down hill parts of course) and untimed sections.

For more info on the UK race format go here – http://www.ukgravityenduro.com/race-info/event-format/

Enduro racing is not a downhill race neither is it a cross country race, its a mix of the 2, you’ll need to have riding skills + fitness for these events, the stages or timed sections are usually pointing down, but can have short climbs and flat sections also, the terrain will also vary from trail centre type to natural root and rock. After each stage there is a non timed section to your next stage, this usually involves riding uphill for some distance and varies on venue and stage.

Each round will consist of 5 timed stages on the Sunday, with open practise from 9am till 3am on Saturday, at 3.30pm on the Saturday there will be a seeding run on stage 5, this is live timed into a finish arena were the baying crowd will be cheering you on. The seeding run sorts the running order out of each category for the Sunday, slowest first with 20 second gaps between riders, it also counts towards your overall time on Sunday.

The rider in each category with the fastest overall times is the winner, we reward the top 3 in each category + the top 5 overall times of the day.

The MB Swindon 2013 Team

James Scott (Captain)
Jason Pinkney
Mike Brazier
Dion Thomas
Pete Gowland
Antonio Fiore.

MB Swindon 2013 Sponsors

Hargroves (http://www.hargrovescycles.co.uk)
Ski & Summer Morzine (http://www.skimorzine.com)
Mike Buss PT (http://www.mike-buss.com)
MucOff UK BikePark (http://www.ukbikepark.com)
Fibrax (http://www.fibrax.com/)

Website – http://www.mbswindon.co.uk/race-teams/gravity-team/

Video courtesy of my friend and race team leader James Scott – having a practice this weekend at Afan.

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