What do points make?

mil2On the 4th of February I commented that it was all about the points difference… Well how true has that become?!

Tomorrow in Cardiff will be the 2013 RBS 6 Nations decider and for Wales to retain the title they will need to beat England by 8 points – though there are a few permutations that can result in a victory for either side:

  • An England victory by any margin would secure a first GRAND SLAM triumph in a decade.
  • An England defeat by six points or fewer would be enough for ENGLAND TO WIN THE TITLE.
  • If England lose by seven points but outscore Wales by three tries or more, ENGLAND WIN THE TITLE.
  • A Wales victory by seven points or more, providing they stay ahead of England on tournament tries (7 to 5 so far), would see WALES RETAIN THE TITLE.
  • If Wales win by seven points but England score two more tries, then the TITLE WOULD BE SHARED.

My predictions are as follows:

Wales will beat England, and by the required 8 points – just. The pressure is all on England and Wales can count on a huge home-coming welcome after 3 victories away on the road. if England get a “comfortable” lead they will sit on it and the game could get a little slow. But as Wales try to punch through the defence there could be penalties and Leigh Halfpenny can kick them from most places in Cardiff! The atmosphere is going to be amazing in Cardiff, I only wish I was going.

I think Italy will finished on a high note and after their convincing performance against England last week I believe they will beat Ireland in Rome. Only just, but they will win. Ireland haven’t convinced since the first half against Wales in the opening weekend and think the Azurri will kill off their tournament tomorrow.

Which leaves Scotland and France in Paris! Both teams have stuttered but the age old question of “which French side will turn up?” will be answered tomorrow and the side will be the one that can play with flair and passion and Scotland who will think they have a shot at a faltering and not yet winning France will be knocked sideways. I fancy a 10 point margin tomorrow evening to France as they go out to prove they can play rugby with our without support from their nation..

2 thoughts on “What do points make?

  1. And the results:

    Italy beat Ireland by 7 – (22-15)
    France beat Scotland by 7 (23-16)
    Wales beat England by er 27!!! (30-3)

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