Camera Angles

Camera Angles

I got a new camera today. I upgraded my old Lumix to a well new Lumix – a TZ30. There are so many point and shoot cameras out there and everyone has their own favourite and every review will pick out a new fault.

I looked last year at a new POS camera and I went to Jessops to try the contender out. I hated it! Then Jessops went bust and I could try cameras anymore..

As luck would have it my nephew and my brother-in-law both independently selected the TZ 30 and I had a chance to take a look and push some buttons. Time came to make a decision and I pushed the buy button at Amazon and the camera arrived today.

Hopefully I will get some quick snaps tonight and get the chance to see some bright skies this weekend – you can be sure I will share the results here!

5 thoughts on “Camera Angles

  1. Hope the new camera keeps you snapping 🙂 I really should take my wife’s camera with me on rides.. Since selling my dslr I’ve now only got my iPhone camera which quite obviously struggles at times.

    1. Thanks. My phone has been pretty useful, but I always carry a small PAS camera around with me. The TZ30 does a 60 shot a second burst! Gonna be great for catching some action!

      1. 60 shots a second?? Are you sure… Canon 1d only manages around 10fps but will do this for a lot of shots due to a decent buffer memory (and obviously providing extremely fast memory cards are used). Either way sounds impressive. My wife’s canon powershot sx230hs which produces reasonable results.

      2. Reduced quality obviously but yes…

        Continuous Shooting Mode
        Full- Resolution Image: 10 frames/sec Max. 10 images
        with AF Tracking: 5 frames/sec, 2 frames/sec Max.100 images
        Intelligent Burst Shooting
        High- speed Burst: approx. 40 frames/sec (recorded in 5M)
        approx. 60 frames/sec (recorded in 2.5M)

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