Welsh Mountain Riding

Welsh Mountain Riding

The picture above shows the profile of a ride I did in the Black Mountains, Wales in October 2012. Some big climbs and nice descents.

This was an epic ride as the picture shows, covering a little over 22 miles and climbing the height of Snowdon throughout the 5 hour ride.

I still haven’t decided if I enjoyed this ride or not. For a few days after I told many people of my epic ride and how hard it was, so there was some pride in what I had achieved – not that many people I spoke to could appreciate what sort of effort was required mind you.

I keep wondering would I do it again? I think the answer is yes, but why? To beat it I think, cos it certainly beat me in October.

Knowing what to expect I would prepare a little more; the right food, some more riding before hand and I would pack plenty of gel and energy bars.

Which reminds me – I probably have two days of riding like this back to back at Mudtrek I had better get some energy gel etc on order!

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