Need to get bike fit quick

Need to get bike fit quick

Lately I have been thinking about how little riding I have been doing recently. This shouldn’t really make a difference and it wouldn’t normally, but with a few mountain bike trips planned soon I am frankly getting a bit concerned about slowing down the group and not really enjoying myself as much as I’d like.

My time is split between the usual family and work commitments, plus I play in a pool league which, until May, uses up 2 evenings a week. Also I don’t mind admitting that Winter riding and generally getting wet and muddy has become a bit of a bore. I also have some minor house renovations and decorating to do in the next month or so, which will undoubtedly mean trips to B&Q and IKEA rather than out on my bike.

In two weeks I am off to MudTrek with MB Swindon in Carmarthenshire for 2 nights and 2 days epic riding that I know is going to be hard work and a real test of my fitness, or lack of! Then in June I go to BikeVillage in Les Arcs region of the French Alps for a week of guided XC and DH riding with some friends from Wales who ride much more often than I do. Both trips are costing money and I want to get my money’s worth and to enjoy them rather than it feel like a chore or for it to be too hard work.

So I need to get fit!

The March trip is too close for me to do anything substantial and make a difference; I will just need to concentrate on my diet and try to fit in a few rides to make sure its not a complete shock to the system. For June, however, I have time to plan and get in shape. But how?

I haven’t worked out a routine yet (and no doubt work and family duties will force some changes) but here’s a basic idea so far:

  • 2 rides a week (at least)
  • Daily press ups and sit ups to assist with some upper and core strength building
  • 2 short runs a week (I am not a great runner, but if I can do 30 mins twice a week this might help my cardio fitness)

Short of actually riding every other day I don’t know what I can do – any advice on a two month fitness plan before tackling the Alps for a week would be very gratefully received!

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