Don’t let anyone tell you John Carter is no good


Don’t let anyone tell you John Carter is no good. I saw this film in the cinema with my boy and thoroughly enjoyed it.

It was ruined by lack of marketing. The story is a classic Edgar Rice Burroughs and I think I heard someone say it was Star Wars for a new generation.

Great action, good special fx, a story that you can care about and a sexy leading lady. What’s not to like?

It’s on Sky Movies right now…

4 thoughts on “Don’t let anyone tell you John Carter is no good

  1. Since it got nominated for a Bradbury Award this year I’ve been interested in seeing it. I agree the marketing for this movie was terrible, and the reviews all seemed a little too eager to pile on the director and declare it a flop before it ever had a chance to find an audience. I’ll have to check it out soon, thanks!

  2. When it came out I had the opportunity to watch it in IMAX 3-D and was pretty impressed. I like it, even enjoyed it… but there was something about it that I couldn’t quite figure out that stopped me from loving it. Even after watching it a second and third time I still can’t quite put my finger on it. It may be that sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming with special effects… not sure.

    One thing I can completely agree with you is that Disney completely dropped the ball with the marketing of this movie.

    1. I think it is totally trying to be a new Star Wars, and I am looking forward to see what Disney do with thy franchise.

      It’s a bit lifeless in places mainly due to the lead. Kitsch was ok and is a capable actor, but i think the film could have done with a cheesier or cheekier lead to lend some lightness to the role.

      It’s not a comedy but its also not a drama, a disney blockbuster needs a big name so a Colin Farrell or similar would have worked better…

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