There’s no I in team….


This season I stepped up as captain of the pool team. It’s done wonders for my game as I have put myself under pressure to earn my spot on team.

Tonight was a new experience.

We played in a Cup match with some odd game types. There were 5 games: a singles match followed by a doubles match, then a 4 v 4 match and doubles and singles to finish.

The doubles and 4v4 were a new format where the team alternated shots. The idea being that the stronger team won rather than a strong player carrying a weaker player.

Our first singles game we lost.

First doubles game we won, and I made that happen with a great set up for my partner. This game I might add with only 15 balls went on for about 40 mins.

The team game was very tactical and we won putting in the strong position of 2-1 and only needing 1 game to win.

The second doubles pairs played well but rattled the 8 ball and left the opponents a clear finish…. Setting up a deciding match between me and their captain.

I lost big time, i only got 1 visit to the table after the break… What does this tell you?

Did I let the side down? Or was he just too good? I barely got a look in and the more I play this game the more I realise how hard it is.

Fine margins win or lose games mostly, measured and carefully planned shots leading to clearing breaks also win games…

I also don’t deal we’ll with a pressure game. It’s like taking a penalty in the worlds cup!

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