It has taken me a few months to watch Prometheus. Due to the cost of going to the cinema and the mixed bag of reviews I decided to keep my money and waited for the DVD or I should say BluRay release.

This week I picked up the BluRay knowing I had the house to myself on Saturday night and I could watch uninterrupted by stupid questions from my wife. I was expecting a complex story that would require lots of explanation – my wife doesn’t cope too well with scifi!

As it turned out it wasn’t complicated, it wasn’t bad, and in fact I thoroughly enjoyed it and could live with the obvious Alien references. The special FX were what you come to expect today and the quality of sound and picture on the BluRay were superb.

So why am I bothering to write this? Well it’s a simple get over yourselves to the movie fans that have slated this film for its Alien prequel status. Why? Are you annoyed cos you weren’t told? Did you not want an Alien prequel? Just watch it and enjoy it…

Sure once it’s over, go and analyse the Alien and origin of mankind theories, but don’t hate it cos its “just an Alien prequel”.

Prometheus on IMDB

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