The Weekend Ahead


So its Friday afternoon – pretty quiet in the office so a lot of time spent pondering on the weekends events ahead. So what’s in store this weekend?

1. A pretty big bike ride. Probably 4-5 hours or so in the saddle across Bronze Age Wiltshire taking in the sights of Silbury Hill, The Wansdyke and Avebury. Expect a blow by blow account and some photos. Fingers crossed for the weather.

2. Rugby – crunch match for Wales in Italy. Only a massive score will do in my opinion to gain control of the table.

3. I may finally watch Prometheus – I KNOW!!

4. Furniture shopping – yawn!

One thought on “The Weekend Ahead

  1. I actually liked Prometheus, but I went in mentally prepared. If you can push everything you know and love about the Alien(s) franchise out of your head for two hours and come in with an open mind it will entertain you. If you go in looking for an Alien(s) experience you may be disappointed.

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