A Grand Day Out


When I got up this morning I had a very different blog post in mind. I was going to use a few hundred words talking about the amazing meal and wine I had in a very posh hotel in Knightsbridge.

The meeting and therefore the food and wine was cancelled. The day was a long one at a conference, summit or symposium or whatever they call these 1 day highly focused events these days. Presentations being given by guys who are trying not to sound like they are obviously selling their services and products, they call them workshops. In reality it’s an hour of “this is how great we are” after “you never asked about this bit” followed by a few staged questions.


But it’s not all bad. The weather was beautiful and I managed to take a few photos. I also managed to blag a few freebies… Maglite torches aren’t cheap and a couple of small ones to stash in my various bike bags will always come in handy.

Talking of bikes, the Boris Bikes are everywhere and London is full of cyclists. It’s great to see and I almost wished I lived in a city so I could cycle to work everyday, and then I realised its a city…
While London is a bike friendly city with plenty of dedicated routes and lanes its still full of traffic. Buses, cars and motor cycles going about very quickly.

I think that mountain biking down a steep hillside is an adrenaline sport; actually cycling in London is far more dangerous. As I watched cyclists in minimal protective gear (and lights) speeding alongside pedestrians and in between buses, I thought give me a wet rooty hillside and I’ll take my chances with a tree over a black cab any day…

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