A Great Day Not In The Office

I was hoping to fill this post with interesting photos of my day out in London but I was working and the opportunity to take any pictures didn’t really arise. I have one of The Shard which I’ll show you in a moment but for now here is what happened today.

Firstly I got up at 5am, yes 5 o’clock in the morning. Why? Because I arranged a breakfast meeting in London today with a potentially big new client. Not a bad idea really as I tend to start waking around that sort of time anyway. Now for some facts….

# Orange and cranberry hot cross buns from ASDA are awesome…
# Yes I had breakfast before I left for my breakfast meeting.
# Driving to the train station in Swindon I decided that of the last three Green Day albums iUNO! is the best
# First Great Western today issued a sensible no of tickets. 1 travel card and rail ticket combined, my receipt and my seat reservation. This was very useful compared to the half a dozen pieces of card the ticket machine usually spews out.
# Rail travel is over priced and we would not put up with such poor service from any where else. Late by 40 minutes going to London and had to stand for half my journey home. All for £123!

Meetings in London went well, breakfast was eggs Benedict coffee and orange juice. Lunch was venison and dauphinois potato with button mushrooms.

Breakfast venue – Franco’s
Lunch venue – Harry’s Bar

Now for that picture.

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