A Little Bit About Work


I thought it was time I told you a little bit about where I work and what I do.

Well what I do is a bit dull really, I am in sales. That sounds so boring but in reality it’s so much more than that.
I see my job as a technology consultant and project manager – more the former and less the latter though.

The company I work for provides high technology solutions across multiple markets in the UK. Aerospace, defence, telecoms, finance or fintech as we are rapidly calling it and automotive among others.

Our products are selected because they are the best in class for high end data processing, high speed acquisition, rugged computing, signal processing etc and the manufacturers we represent are all at the top of their fields and offer long warranties, availability guarantees and unprecedented obsolescence management.

All of this means we sell expensive stuff to some cool customers. I was visiting a Formula 1 wind tunnel today and tomorrow, I am in London wining and dining with companies who’s solutions literally make money in fractions of seconds in stock exchanges all over the world.

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