Change of plan


As you may recall I have been thinking of doing some bike pimping. Well that’s still the plan and the intention is still to put wider bars and a shorter stem on my Giant full sus Trance X2, but after a sketchy ride out today on my Rockhopper I have decided that mud tyres for my hard tail had to come first…

  • When you are going at about 15 mph (not very fast) and you front wheel is sliding around its a little unnerving.
  • Trying to climb a medium climb and your rear wheel is just spinning and not gripping and propelling you forward its a little frustrating.

I am not the most confident rider (I don’t mind admitting that) – I do have a fear of breaking something and I have a job that requires the use of my arms, legs and neck! So out of my comfort zone is certainly that. But yesterday was more than pushing myself over a bigger drop or going a little faster, it was about having zero control over where the bike was going while going downhill!

So tomorrow I am off to my local bike shop for some advice, add to the research I have already done and get some new tyres fitted by the weekend. However, the tyre debate is alway a tough one as everyone has thier favourite! Maxxis, Bontrager, Continental, Specialized etc Then there are the different types of tyres mud, wet, wide, narrow etc and though a tyre maybe designed for mud it might not work on my local mud!  ARGH!!!!

Had a good work out though today and then spent some time cleaning both bikes with a full set of Muc-off fluids and brushes.

I also met some local riders too and hope to meet up for regular Sunday rides.

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