GoPro Hero Testing

Ok so I don’t have much to say today. I have been suffering from a bit of a cold and Tesco broke my credit card this week… But I have done some testing of my Gopro Hero 3 today. Here are the facts:

  • I can get around 90 mins of continuous recording at 1080 and 30fps
  • Switch it on and off, take a picture or two, use the wifi and expect about 20 mins!
  • Taking a 12 mega pixel picture every 30 seconds in time lapse mode lasts about 100 mins before the battery dies
  • Finally if I set the camera to take a 5 mega pixel picture every 2 seconds it will take 5951 before running out of steam

What have I learned?
I have too much time on my hands and you have to be careful withe GoPro and how you use it’s various settings

Now it’s time to start thinking of a time lapse project…

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